Bearings designed to deliver optimum performance for the life of your corrugator rolls

Corrugator Bearings + Lubrication = Lifetime

Manufacturing Maintenance Managers would ideally like the critical bearings to last the life of the corrugator rolls. Generally speaking with traditional chrome coated rolls, this meant maintaining optimum lubrication of the bearing often a complex system of pneumatics, monitoring systems and labor. Add new ceramic coatings like tungsten carbide and you can double the life of the rolls. That makes the quality and condition of the bearings is even more critical to maximize efficiency and minimize expensive downtime.

High Volumes and Low Margins Demands Confidence in Your Machinery

Scheerer is always thinking about the economics of its customers. We respect the tremendous investment that a corrugator and its associated converting equipment represents. We understand the expense of maintenance, repair and redundancy in manufacturing. Operational capacity is critical to profitability. For a partner who sees your big picture, you can count on Scheerer.

Designed for Every Corrugator Manufacturer

Scheerer bearings are designed to perfectly match the specifications of every corrugator manufacturer as well as slitters, printers, tapers, gluers, stitchers, folders, diecutters, laminators and conveyors. Our corrugator customers rely on Scheerer for competitive advantage. We understand that small modifications can mean dramatic productivity gains. Talk to Scheerer about how to get the most from your bearings.