Scheerer Proudly Produces Mil-Spec Bearings for Mission Critical Applications

Transport. Artillery. Surveillance. Flight.

You never know what the military might encounter and military specifications were created to consider extreme contingencies.

Scheerer Bearing meets a variety of military specifications enabling us to the various missions of our armed forces. We proudly offer affordable bearings and assemblies to meet the unique requirements of the various service branches. These needs include everything from maintenance equipment to field artillery. We provide both standard and custom bearings, assemblies, and reverse engineering to the armed services.

Production Capability

The military demands confidence and that’s what Scheerer Bearing delivers. Our bearings are in service in the most extreme industrial environments and climates. We’ve confronted all of the typical obstacles to military machinery and are partners in a variety of new applications include low gravity and space situations which presents highly unique problems. You’ll find Scheerer a versatile and skilled partner with an outstanding reputation for both design as well as full-scale manufacturing when needed.

Reduce Expense. Maintain Performance.

Often, military applications are unique and require custom solutions. Once complete, replacement is rarely an ideal option. Building in durability and robust field performance is a wise start and investment. Additionally, this allows planned reconditioning of critical bearing components that are subjected to the most stress and potential wear. Scheerer is a respected refurbisher trusted by corporations and municipalities to maximize the lifetimes of their largescale bearings.