High-Performance Bearings for Land and Marine Drilling Environments

Demand the Most from Your Bearings

Oil production demands the most from equipment and Scheerer Bearing Corporation delivers the uptime security that maximizes profit. Our bearings meet the most stringent tolerances ensuring equipment runs at maximum load for peak output.

We are a veteran supplier of the oil industry with bearings in operation in nearly every conceivable land and marine environment/climate. We provide rotary table thrust bearings, cylindrical radial roller pump bearings, swivel and crane hook bearings and custom machined bearings.

We also provide bearing reconditioning and rebuilding to companies who want to minimize downtime and maximize the lifetime of existing equipment.

Bearings & Assemblies to Meet the OEM Specs of All Major Equipment Manufacturers

Drilling equipment is only as good as it’s critical components, and nothing’s more critical than the bearings. When it comes to specifying confidence, you can count on Scheerer for durability, simplified maintenance and prompt engineering support.

Custom Bearings for the Oil Industry

Whatever your need. Whatever your challenge. Scheerer's team of engineers, machinists and industry experts is ready to help you get the most from your equipment. Whether you require custom design, a maintenance/reconditioning partner or want to retrofit existing machinery with state-of-the-art components, we have a solution to fit your need.