Long-Term, High-Temperature Reliability and Simplified Maintenance

Reliability for Demanding Environments

From paper machinery to coating equipment to presses, dryers, calendars and winders, Scheerer provides a wide range of bearings to the pulp and paper industry.

We provide leading paper mills with a variety of bearing solutions customized to maximize process efficiency and machine reliability. Our solutions can address concerns about contamination, lubricant breakdown protection and maintenance.

Your Pulp and Paper Mill Partner

The paper industry is under unique competitive pressures that go beyond other manufacturers. Governments and environmental interests have forced dramatic change in the past two decades. This has resulted in changes in equipment, processing systems and material handling. Scheerer is familiar with the difficulties encountered through the entire Pulp and Paper Industry. From timber harvesting to paper mill to final phase coating and winders, Scheerer has provided bearings for diverse applications.

Balancing Cost, Function & Maintenance

Maximum efficiency rarely comes off the shelf. In order to achieve such a combination, the bearings must be selected to have a longer durability than other industrial applications. Protection of the units from contamination by sealing and systematic lubrication play a major role in the efficiency of pulp and paper manufacturing equipment. Scheerer Bearing's services extend to include all aspects of a customer's application to maximize operational efficiency. We've been instrumental in the success of a variety of paper manufacturers.