Bearings and Assemblies for the Toughest, Most Demanding Production Environment

Bearing Solutions for Metals Producers

Extreme temperatures are just one challenge to modern metals production. Dust, contaminants, variable humidity add to the environmental obstacles to smooth operations. Add to that the physical stresses of continuous high speed, high-speed cycling, extreme torque and shock loads and you need a bearing that’s up to the job.

Scheerer Bearing fully supports sheet and coil steel mills with bearings and assemblies to meet all operational needs. We offer all standard sizes and routinely customize, refurbish or reverse engineer any required bearing.

Your Metals Manufacturing Partner

From iron ore and coke mining and processing, to blast furnaces and casting, to cold rolling or annealing, Scheerer bearings stand up to the toughest, most demanding production environments. Our engineers and materials experts regularly work with the metals industry to optimize servicing of bearings, lubrication systems and seals. We can work from a standard OEM design and modify it to your operational requirements or we can provide a custom solution for special situations.

Balancing Cost, Function & Maintenance

Maximum efficiency rarely comes off the shelf. To achieve increased reliability and reduced costs demands taking a critical look at the issues before you. Scheerer is in business to be your partner in profitability. Streamlined reliability requires considerations such as maintenance programs (which could include scheduled reconditioning). It also requires examining previous service life, identifying issues such as contamination, damage causes and then modifying a design to safeguard against those issues. See how Scheerer can contribute to your efficiency.