Utility-Scale Wind Turbines are Thinking Big.
So is Scheerer. Spin Freely on Land or Water.

An Energy Partner You Can Count On

Scheerer Bearing has been an energy industry partner since its founding. Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art bearing product line is ideally suited for the wind turbine market. Scheerer brings decades of engineering expertise focused exclusively on the highest-performance ball and roller bearing design and bearing assemblies. We’ve achieved a reputation for helping manufacturers maximize output efficiencies by tailoring the bearing design to the unique functional needs of the machine. The push toward coastal wind farms will present challenges different from land based turbines. Our experience with largescale bearings operating in marine environments can be a valuable asset in your design.

An Ideal Engineering Partner for Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Environmental considerations, component lifetime targets, manufacturing limitations, materials choices, speed objectives, lubrication options and mounting all influence the success of a bearing design. At Scheerer, we’ve tackled every conceivable engineering obstacle a Wind Turbine encounters. Talk to us and see for yourself why Scheerer has been a trusted bearing supplier for other industries that think big—really big.

Recondition for Maximum Value

Wind farm operators are finally enjoying a competitive (per KW) position compared to traditional fossil fuel generated electricity. This highly-competitive environment puts wind in a new position where continued cost reductions will only encourage adoption and development of wind by companies and nations. Scheerer can help companies committed to wind get the most from their bearings. At any given time, our reconditioning division is busy inspecting, assessing and refurbishing bearings of all types to their originally installed condition. This can achieve a savings of as much as 65% compared to building a new bearing. This is especially true for large bearings.