PRODUCTS — The demands on modern bearings demand superior engineering.

Increasingly heavy unit loads and torturous operating conditions demands bearings manufactured to the most rigid metallurgical and dimensional standards.

Specify Scheerer and Benefit Three Ways:

1. Eliminate Costly Machinery Redesign.
Our ability to reliably replace bearings eliminates the need for costly rebuilding of machinery and equipment to which bearings are not available through usual channels.

2. Obtain Greater Design Freedom.
Scheerer bearings allow you to design machinery and equipment directly in terms of function - unrestricted by limitations imposed by standard bearings

3. Cut Costly Downtime.
Our prompt production and delivery helps you keep your downtime expenses to a minimum.

Superior Bearings with Prolonged Life

The majority of Scheerer bearings are made from SAE 52100 alloy
steel, to close tolerances. The retainers are made from precision
machined centrifugally cast bronze or phenolic. The analytically-
controlled metallurgical properties of Scheerer bearings are your
assurance of premium quality and prolonged life.

Bearings for Unique and Extreme Environments

Because Scheerer specializes in individual problems, we can apply a high-degree of creativity to special bearing needs. Challenging environments that expose bearings to extreme high temperature or corrosive environments often require special or exotic materials. Our engineers would be excited to help you with your situation.

Combination Radial and Thrust Bearings

Scheerer Bearing provides combination bearing design and
manufacture for a variety of industrial situations. As these
are typically customized for specific load situations, these
products are optimized for each customer.